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Webb Therapy is a casual, talking therapeutic process that employs a number of modalities to support people who are experiencing anything, and want to talk about it.

Webb Therapy comes to you. There are no offices. All sessions are conducted either in your home or another safe space where you feel comfortable. I believe an unconditional, non-judgemental, empathetic relationship between counsellor and client is the foundation for effective therapy.

I don’t believe psychological disorders simply “disappear” after treatment. I believe we get better at managing the symptoms, as we move towards disillusion, acceptance, and personal authenticity. I don’t use the word ‘struggle’ when referring to psychological distress or dysfunction. I prefer the word ‘experience’ or ‘live with’ e.g., I live with depression, rather than I struggle with depression. It’s important to recognise our unhelpful patterns of thinking and speaking as to begin generating new neural pathways.

For over a decade I have continued to develop a comprehensive understanding of the human condition. I have continued to see psychologists, psychiatrists and other specialists to learn how to live with a mental health “dis-order”.

Currently, I have 5 years work experience as a Mental Health Worker.

Please Phone 0488 555 731 to schedule a booking.
Price: $110.00 for a 60 minute session.

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