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Welcome to my webpage. A bit more about me:

I first sought psychological and psychiatric treatment myself when I was sixteen. I have a history of major depression, general anxiety, and substance use disorder. Today, I am 31. I like to incorporate my lived experience in my work, where applicable. I believe an unconditional, caring, empathetic relationship is the foundation for effective therapy.  I don’t believe psychological disorders “disappear”. I believe we get better at managing the symptoms, as we move towards disillusion, acceptance, and personal authenticity. I don’t use the word ‘struggle’ when referring to psychological distress or dysfunction. I prefer the word ‘experience’ or ‘live with’ e.g., I live with depression, rather than I struggle with depression.

For over a decade I have continued to develop a comprehensive understanding of the human condition, and myself. I have continued to see psychologists, psychiatrists and other specialists to learn how to live with a mental health “dis-order”. Currently, I have 5 years work experience as a Mental Health Peer Worker.

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