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About Rebecca

Rebecca Webb LMT, RYT, is the founder and owner of C Spark Wellness. Active in the health and wellness community since 2003, she moved her private practice to Austin, Texas in 2010. Nationally Certified Massage Therapist, Bodywork Instructor, and Registered Yoga Teacher, Rebecca consults with corporate businesses, neighborhood organizations, and individuals providing education, wellness plans, and therapeutic services. Her expertise is delivered through therapeutic services that inspire happiness in ones life. Customized wellness built for individuals and businesses, working with Rebecca will create and sustain a thriving, energetic, dynamic working community and personal life.

Rebecca teaches seasonal workshops, retreats, and continuing education in the local Austin area, as well across the Western United States, and Internationally. She covers topics such as Hatha and Kundalini Yoga practices, Mindfulness and Relaxation Techniques, Detox and Cleansing, Chakras, Meditation, and Professional Wellness Development.

Yoga Roots & Education

The seed of yoga sprouted early in Rebecca’s life, spurring a life-long interest of svadyaya, self-awareness practices, and creative visualization. Deeply connected to music and art, Rebecca graduated from Webster University, in St. Louis, 2002 with a BA in Photography. Her life-long interest in natural forms of happiness, healing, and sacred relationship led her travel the country to pursue a career in holistic health and wellness. She was certified to teach Hatha yoga in Asheville, NC in 2004 and began teaching yoga across the Southeast region.

Continuing to travel and further her studies, led Rebecca to the West Coast where she began her private practice while exploring small remote communities in Northern Idaho, Montana, and Colorado. Studying earth-based teachings spurred a deeper interest in more meditative forms of yoga. This led Rebecca to the high alpine desert outside of San Diego, where she began studying Kundalini, Tibetan, and Tantric schools of yoga at Liberty Advance in 2006. It was at this time Rebecca began training and working with Lifestream Technology. Exploring deeper forms of energetic bodywork modalities, took Rebecca to The Costa Rica School of Massage Therapy where she studied Integrative Massage & Bodywork. In 2011, Rebecca was invited to participate in apprenticeship program studying Normalization of Soft Tissue Techniques and Structural Integration. During this time, she also participated in a 275 hour Massage and Bodywork Teacher Training Program.

C Spark Wellness is currently based out of Austin, Texas while Rebecca continues working and teaching in communities around the United States and Internationally. She is a licensed massage therapist in Texas and California, a registered teacher with Yoga Alliance, and is currently pursuing an additional 300 hours in Kundalini Yoga Studies through the Rudra Yoga system, as well as integrative counseling education through The Hakomi Method. She finds it a natural extension of her interests to weave these teachings into her classes, workshops, and practice; inspiring others in their own process of self-discovery, while providing support during these powerful and transformative experiences.

“ Love is between you and you.  It is an experience of oneself in oneself.  Your “soulmate” is your own soul.  “

~Yogi Bhajan